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Great video… wait a second?

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Lucas Oleniuk is up to it again. Check out a recent piece that he and Randy Risling put together using stills.
If you’ve haven’t seen their work before, make sure to check this out as well.

A little update from Randy Risling: “Everything is done in FCP. Lucas was very organized on this one which made it an absolute pleasure to edit. Basically each timelapse was organized into folders. I would import that folder and then “nest” it right away. After nesting, I applied some motion to the nest which sort of creates an illusion that it’s running smoother than it actually is. If you watch back some of the interview shots you will notice a slight tracking from left to right with just a touch of zooming. I think it’s that smooth tracking that helps trick the eye.”

TIME and Digital Journalist

I have a new piece up today on telling a story from Rwanda marking the 15th anniversary of the genocide. Check it out if you have a chance.

Also, please check out this months issue of the Digital Journalist. There’s an email exchange between guest editor Jerry Lazar from KobreGuide and myself talking about why I decided to leave the LA Times, and how freelancing in India has been so far. The whole issue is filled with amazing contibutors and stories.

I will see you again, Congo.


It was a letdown. A three hour bus ride out of Kigali, and as the pave road turns to well, not so paved road, I arrived to the border.

I met the fixer I was working with on the Rwandan side, and we made our first attempt to cross. Armed with my letter from a major newspaper, US cash marked after 2001, and my gear, I was told that the rules have changed and a visa must be requested 48 hours in advance.

After finding an internet cafĂ© and emailing a letter to the government’s yahoo email, the fixer went directly to the head offices in Goma, with copies of my passport, letters, and everything else that comes with applying for a visa. 24 hours later, I was in. 24 hours after that I was out…

It turns out as I am told, that two American journalists had been arrested for working without a press card issued by North Kivu. I expected to read about this in the news when I returned to Kigali. The director who issued the press cards had also been arrested. Basically, things became a waiting game. I spent most of my time sitting in an office waiting for someone to issue me the $250 USD card, so I could work “freely.”

It got to the point that it was simply too expensive to wait any longer. That afternoon, I made the heartbreaking decision to leave and head back to Rwanda. This was a self-funded part of my trip, and I simply couldn’t justify spending the kind of money I’d be spending to sit, and wait. It seemed to much of a risk to do “too” much traveling around without the issued card.

Things have changed since November, I am told. Perhaps they have. Perhaps is was bad luck. Perhaps bad timing on my part with these arrests, and the arrival of the President in Goma that day.

Regardless, certainly a place I will return to. I left frustrated, fascinated, and excited to come back.

Back to India Monday.

Don’t leave home without them

Filters that is.
I’ve fallen in love with shooting with the 5d mark II. Yes, it has its share of issues. Lately, I’ve started to use an external audio recorder to synch my audio as I patiently await the arrival of the new adapter.

But, back to the point. Filters.

Using a 10 stop filter outside in direct sunlight truly takes advantage of what the camera has to offer. After all, the point of using primes with this camera is to control depth of field. Here are a few frame grabs from a video that will run in early April.


Continent hopping

I’m in Africa for a couple weeks working so please excuse the lack of blog postings. Wow. What a place. Currently, I’m in Rwanda where I’ve been working on a story for TIME along with a piece for another client, breathing in the not so smoggy air and looking at greenery…two things I’m not all that accustomed to after spending a couple months in Delhi.

It’s truly been a great trip so far. I’ve made some great friends and met some incredibly talented people who’ve helped me along the way. I’ve also learned(o.k. tried) not to dance like a white dude. Not sure that’ll ever change even though my moves in the club are certainly improving.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Something I can finally mention now that I’ve told my mom)

Will try to get a post up this week providing I can get a decent connection, and time allows.

Back to Delhi on the 17th.

Non-profits and multimedia

Some of my favorite campaigns, viral ads, and multimedia packages from non-profits.
Please feel free to add to the list below:





The refugees of Dadaab

The refugees of Dadaab by Toronto Star Photographer Lucas Oleniuk, writer Michelle Shepard, and editor Randy Risling.