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Great video… wait a second?

Picture 2
Lucas Oleniuk is up to it again. Check out a recent piece that he and Randy Risling put together using stills.
If you’ve haven’t seen their work before, make sure to check this out as well.

A little update from Randy Risling: “Everything is done in FCP. Lucas was very organized on this one which made it an absolute pleasure to edit. Basically each timelapse was organized into folders. I would import that folder and then “nest” it right away. After nesting, I applied some motion to the nest which sort of creates an illusion that it’s running smoother than it actually is. If you watch back some of the interview shots you will notice a slight tracking from left to right with just a touch of zooming. I think it’s that smooth tracking that helps trick the eye.”

The amazing race

What a gong show. Picture this. It’s 6 a.m, the sun has yet to rise, and all we want is a ticket for a train.

I arrive at Delhi’s main train station and was promptly greeted by 50 of my closest friends. Wow. I have gotten used to touts attempting to lead you one way or another, but have not seen such a plethora, a tsunami if you will, of people trying to mislead you and do everything and anything in their power to sell you a ticket, get you in a taxi, convince you that your train has sold out, cancelled, or that your ticket must be purchased off site at an “official office.”

I met the Toronto Star’s Rick Westhead at the station as we were heading north for an assignment for a couple days. Rick is just about as fresh as I am, and for the both of us, this was our first experience in which was basically a marathon to make it to the ticket counter.

We met on the road and managed to make our way through the 50 cab drivers and into the station.
Promptly, we were lead by a tout claiming to help us across the street to that “official office” I mentioned earlier. At that office we were told all tickets were sold, but a cab could be arranged. We almost bought it.

One last ditch effort lead us back to the station where we spotted what was potentially a ticket counter to the right of the main entrance of the station.
We stood in line and the ticket agent sent us away. Back to the touts. We then went back into the main station and eventually found that we were in fact in the right sport previously, just in the wrong line.

As Rick and I stood in line 32, the ball bounced into our court. Two men gave us papers that they tried to sell for ten rupees. Turns out they were actually the official papers. We refused to pay, filled out our names and were issued two tickets heading north. As we crossed the finish line(metal detectors)a tout came up to me and expressed his surprise and actually, some delight in the fact we had found a real ticket, and made it to the finish line. His thumbs up and smile made my day.

Out of Delhi and into the north we went…

Fighting season in Afghanistan

Fighting season in Afghanistan by Canadian photojournalist Louie Palu.

The refugees of Dadaab

The refugees of Dadaab by Toronto Star Photographer Lucas Oleniuk, writer Michelle Shepard, and editor Randy Risling.