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A few images from travels throughout Thailand. Will update the album as the tour continues.

SE Asia – Images by Brent Foster

Travel Time

It’s time for a little backpacking adventure. At the end of this week, I am off on a journey to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Will be back in Delhi for an assignment at the start of December, but until then, expect infrequent updates of random pictures from the journey!

In the meantime, here’s a few images from our recent trip to Ethiopia for the NGO Hope For Children. We(Bombay Flying Club) will have a multimedia piece out sometime in December for the Danish NGO.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:Hope For Children NGO Work – Images by Brent Foster

Hello Delhi

Day one. Get bearings. Find cell phone.

Everything I’ve read was true. The congestion, the smog, the traffic, the touts, the beggars, the beautiful women in saris, the men drinking chai, the smell of samosas frying, people yelling, and horns honking. What I didn’t picture was myself fitting somewhere within that scene.

My first 24 hours has been an interesting mix of culture shock, excitement, and relief in that order.

Let’s start with the culture shock.

Today I awoke, and Natalie Alcoba (see her blog here) the writer I am traveling with and I decided to take a walk since we were still on North American time, and the sun was just rising. Late last night we arrived in India, and cabbed it to an area of New Delhi called Karol Bagh, a section of Delhi populated with shops, and a plethora of people.

Natalie and I walked our way through the dusty streets as the sun rose creating streaks of light down long straight alley like roads. Most people went about their business, and we worked hard not to get run over. My close call was a bus, Natalie’s a motorcycle. I like her odds on that one. The real culture shock set in when we were walking back to our temporary hotel and a woman threw a used sanitary napkin at my shoe as part of what I can only assume was a scam set up with the many young shoeshiners on the street. I have heard feces being used in a similar fashion, but that one honestly cough me off guard.

Onto excitement. The great cell phone hunt.

Natalie and I spent the rest of the morning, into the late afternoon on a search for a cellular. After a long rickshaw ride, we went from shop to shop trying to haggle our way into the best deal. By lunch we felt defeated and took a break over some mutton, and chicken, then back at it. Eventually we both walked away phone in hands ready to attempt tomorrows venture, find a place to call home for a while and set up shop.

Lastly relief.

Back in Karol Bagh we went on a hunt for food and a beer. No dice on the beer, but some great samosas and aloo tikki.
Day one complete, and onto the next adventure. My goal is to up and running for freelance assignments in a weeks time.